Asia’s Most Influential Brands List Released, Erdos Included Again at 277th This Year_鄂尔多斯
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Asia’s Most Influential Brands List Released, Erdos Included Again at 277th This Year


September 23, 2021, the “Asia Brand Summit” was held in Shanghai by the World Brand Lab (WBL). The summit released the 16th edition of “Asia’s 500 Most Influential Brands of 2021” list, and Erdos was honorably ranked at 277th this year.

The selection is based on a brand’s Asian influence, which refers to the brand’s ability to explore the market, occupy the market, and earn profits. The basic indicators used by World Brand Lab to evaluate the influence of Asian brands include market share, brand loyalty, and global leadership.

With 40 years of history, Erdos is an “old domestic brand” that embodies “new Chinese fad”. It has been widely loved by consumers since its birth, and after years of development, it has now grown into a national flagship brand and a global industry-leader. Not only has the group kept profitable for four decades, it has also brought Chinese cashmere to the world. Erdos products are well sold all over the globe, gaining solid market share and extremely high customer satisfaction. In recent years, Erdos has been stepping ahead again by taking advantage of its full supply chain and embarking on the path towards “green, smart manufacturing” and “sustainable fashion”, which has received the attention and praise from all walks of life.

In an interview with China News Weekly, Zhen Wang, Chairman of Erdos Resources Co., Ltd, said that the company stays committed to making sure the asset of Erdos as a brand representing quality, professionalism and trustworthiness is renewed constantly. Under new economic circumstances, Erdos will “continue its pursuit of green, circular and low-carbon manufacture and build a recyclable industry cluster. We hope to achieve an ecologically-friendly chain of symbiosis, co-prosperity and mutual-benefit with our customers and partners at every stage.”

According to Wang, Erdos’s goal is to be enterprise with sustained creativity, long-term competitiveness, industry leadership and social influence. It strives to be No.1 in its market segment whether as an apparel or an industrial brand, and build an international brand cluster. In the new era, Erdos will carry on its mission of “establishing national ambition and fostering a world-level brand”.