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Erdos Group Released Documentary 「To Cashmere」


July 29, 2021, Erdos Group released the documentary To Cashmere in Beijing, which records the development of Erdos Group and its cashmere business over the past forty years. It serves as a microcosm of the new face of China’s manufacturing, showcasing the rapid growth in all aspects such as processing, production, design, craftsmanship, branding, as well as strategic planning for sustainable development in the future.

The film screening invited special guests Huaibin Sun (Vice President, China National Textile And Apparel Council), Shaway Yeh (Founder, yehyehyeh), Jing Xu (Professor, Marketing department of Peking University Guanghua School of Management), Jane Wang (Chairman and General Manager of Erdos Resources Co., Ltd.). Attendees had an in-depth discussion about the documentary from various perspectives such as industry, brand and sustainability.

To Cashmere is created by Erdos Group in collaboration with creative agency yehyehyeh. The documentary traces cashmere to the origin and presents the complete journey of cashmere from grassland to production to ready-to-wear garments, mixing realist camera language with a humanistic touch. Erdos and its fellow Chinese brands have matured their industrial values amidst today's fast developing market: to promote brand marketing and facilitate industry sustainable development by pursuing perfection in all stages of manufacture. Cashmere is one of the most important natural textile raw materials in China, and one of the most characteristic textile industries in China. As a leader in cashmere production, Erdos Group has committed itself for forty years to the protection such raw material resources through a series of initiatives, including constructing pastures, protecting goat breed and improving herders' welfare. It always seeks breakthroughs in design, integrates global design resources and pushes the boundaries of cashmere with an international vision. Meanwhile, Erdos upholds craftsmanship and tries to combine its artistic pursuit with traditional techniques, constantly taking cashmere production to a new level.

Shaway Yeh spoke highly of Erdos Group’s sustainable development strategy. “All industries, not just fashion, must put sustainable development in the first place and be persistent with it,” said Yeh.

The four decades of Erdos’ development also bears witness to a crucial stage of Chinese manufacturing as a whole. Based on new development in manufacturing and sustainability of cashmere industry, “Made in China” will integrate advantageous resources into its process from a global strategic height, and leap toward new territories while maintaining harmonious coexistence between man and nature.