The Brand Value Of ERDOS Rose To 142.068 billion Yuan_鄂尔多斯
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The Brand Value Of ERDOS Rose To 142.068 billion Yuan


On June 22, the "World Brand Conference" was held in Beijing, where the "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands" of 2021 was released authoritatively.

Erdos, with a brand value of 142.068 billion RMB, ranked 50th in the total brand value list for 15 consecutive years, proving its leadership position in the textile and garment industry.

As the leader of Chinese cashmere industry and the promoter of innovation, Erdos not only provide the best cashmere products and services, but also respect nature, preserve prairie ecology, work on recycling and care for the benefits of herder and the nomadic community. Erdos always keeps the faith of harmonising the relationship between eco-environment and social development,doing its utmost to make the cherished cashmere of Inner-Mongolia, more responsible and loving.

In 2018, in accordance with the “Sustainable Development Goals” of the United Nations, Erdos Group comply with the principle of sustainable development by launching the “Sustainable Development Strategy Project”. And in 2019, was released, which creating a whole industrial chain of cashmere from herdsmen to consumers, from the raw material end, manufacturing end to brand retail by carefully planned in three dimensions: supply chain, brand and staff. And establishing a lasting and high-frequency link with beloved Chinese consumers through the five brands of the “Erdos brand family” and more than 1,300 shops, constantly conveying the concept of sustainable fashion and leading the healthy and sustainable development of the industry.

In the future, Erdos will continue to lead the green and sustainable development in the cashmere industry and even the fashion industry, and devoting itself to the world-class high-tech clean recycling industry. Bringing warmth to all, as well as more everlasting joy to humankind.