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Inner Mongolia Erdos Resources Co., Ltd. released its 2019 annual report


On April 15,2020, Inner Mongolia Erdos Resources Co., Ltd. released its 2019 annual report. According to the report, the gross revenue in 2019 is RMB 22.79 billion Yuan, Among them, the net profit belonging to shareholders reached RMB 1.341 billion Yuan, a 40.74% increase over the same period of last year. As of the end of 2019, the total assets of Erdos reached 48,351,768,000 Yuan, up 5.41% year-on-year.

The value of the brand “ERDOS” has rocketed to RMB 100.598 billion , making itself rank the 47th of the brand-value-list. And once again regained the top No.1 in the textile and clothing industry,enter the“100 billion club” for the first time.

Through the annual report, we can clearly see two major sections:Cashmere clothes section and Electrometallurgy & Chemical section were all in steady growth. The Group was able to lead the industry continuous, by being the world's largest cashmere products processing enterprise and the world's largest single iron silicon-producing company.

During the report period, the production of Erdos’ main products was as follows:
3.49 million cashmere sweaters, 590,000 scarves and shawls; 1.5818 million tons of cleaned coal;1,587,600 tons of ferrosilicon and 332,200 tons of silicon-manganese; 1.632 million tons of calcium carbide;31.25 million tons of caustic soda ;462,700 tons of PVC; 6.01 million tons of fertilizer, and 690,000 tons of cement.

The annual report also pointed out that Erdos through the issue of shares to the majority shareholder to buy its holding of Inner Mongolia Ordos Electric Power Metallurgy Group Corporation 14.06% equity, and at the same time supporting to raise 500 million yuan of funds, successfully completed the major asset restructuring and supporting fund raising. "Central Enterprise Poverty Alleviation Fund" became the third largest shareholder of Erdos, and reached deep strategic cooperation with Erdos. Reflecting the recognition of the leading strength of the industry in Erdos.

In retrospect of 2019, the big environment was not smooth. But we have faced many problems such as complicated and volatile economic environment, struggling global economy, endless trade frictions, restructuring of the domestic economy under the new normal, diminishing of the industrial capacities, improvement of economic quality, and deepening of the supply-side reform. As the strict environmental protection policies become the new normal, there is a great uncertainty in the market.

Facing the challenges and pressure, the board of directors and management have led all the staffs to explore new markets, strengthen the management, broaden sources of income while cutting down expenses and strive hard. Continuously raised the level of operating the two major industry chains “Cashmere clothes” and “Electrometallurgy” by upgrading the industry, brand, management and service to achieve a high-level increase of both quality and efficiency and form the most complete industry chain and keep the significant advantage of being the “World No. 1” in both cashmere and ferrosilicon.

The achievements gained in 2019 were worth of being proud of, but there is no room for complacency and hesitation in the culture and spirit of ERDOS ever. Getting better and better is what we really pursue for the past forty years.