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1436 Customizes Exclusive Gifts for the 13th Conference of Parties to the UNCCD


The 13th coAnference of parties to the UNCCD was held at the international exhibition centre in Erdos, Inner Mongolia on 6-17 September.

More than 2,000 people from 196 parties, and dozens of international and civil organizations will attend the two-week conference.

After becoming the exclusive accessory manufacturer for APCE in 2014, 1436 was responsible for the diplomatic presents again, and customized exclusive scarves for leaders joining in the 13th conference of the parties to the UNCCD.

Why 1436 again?

China has one of the largest desertification areas and the largest affected population in the world, while Inner Mongolia has the second largest desertification area in China, accounting for 23 percent of the total desertification area throughout the country.

However, the good news is that the "1436" cashmere brand, which was born in ERDOS, has set up a protected area in Otog Banner to support the desert greening project with the help of local government by strictly controlling the breeding, harvesting and processing procedures to ensure that the environmental impact is minimized.

After decades years' efforts, Inner Mongolia now ranks first in the controlled sand area .And Inner Mongolia's desertification land area is shrinking year by year. Since 2000, desertification has been reduced by more than 2.9 million hectares and the governance in Kubuqi Desert even won the UN Environment Award.

Moreover, 1436, is once again the exclusive national gifts for heads of state gathering at the 13th conference of the parties to the UNCCD.

Introverted Chinese blue scarf gives the warm and kind, tender and skin-friendly features of the baby cashmere from Albath as a precious present for distinguished guests, showing 1436's support to the control of desertification.

Ministerial-level gift: "Xiang" series scarf.

"Xiang" means share. Everyone share experience in the meeting; at the same time, it is also sharing. To protect environment with the gratitude to nature, human beings can bath in the grace of nature forever.

In addition to creating economic benefits, 1436 also upholds the balance between ecological environment and social development, making rare cashmere from the beautiful Mongolian steppe become more warm, responsible and loving.

In fact, 1436 has dealt with heads of state for a long time.

As early as 2008, with the Chinese President's visit to Japan, 1436 started its glorious mission as the present for national guests. On this trip, the luxurious night-robe of 1436 with warm fuzz was presented to the imperial couple as a "national gifts", fully displaying China's rare resources and exquisite craftsmanship.

The cashmere shawl of 1436 was presented as national gifts to the heads of state at the 2013 G20 summit.

It is rare for Chinese clothing to go abroad in such a high-end manner. It shows the world the top quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship of the Chinese nation, breaks the traditional impression of Chinese clothing, which is an important step to push the high-end national brand to the world.

The state chosen the cashmere clothing of 1436 as national gifts to treat the most exalted guests with the rarest gifts and the warmest friendship. The gift that represents a nation is a treasure that needs to be made carefully. 1436 shared the best lifestyle of the Chinese people with the world, conveyed affectionate and friendly Chinese friendship.

1436 has found hard to stand on the world stage.

On the evening of November 10, 2014, the welcome dinner for APEC leaders to attend Beijing APEC Submit was held at the Water Cube.  Fireworks lightened the night sky above the Water Cube and the Bird's Nest. When the leaders wearing new traditional Chinese clothing and the very best red and blue cashmere scarves appeared at the red carpet, national passion was ignited instantly, which had become a topic that natives are fond of talking about.

At the beginning of hosting this summit in Beijing, a total of 71 enterprises have been selected through a comprehensive survey on design style, industrial strength, professional evaluation and other aspects. 259 designers and 18 universities have received the Invitation Letter of Design for Leaders of APEC 2014.

Wang Zhen, the founder of 1436, the top baby cashmere boutique brand, said she would do her best to convey the top quality of Chinese cashmere and its sincere connotation to the world.

The rigorous selection lasted for more than 300 days, required the candidates to have enduring passion, quick comprehensive strength and courage to shoulder heavy responsibilities. The brand of 1436 experienced hardships in that process which was challenging but significant.

From the selection of cashmere raw materials to the whole process of production, 1436 completed APEC leaders' accessories all alone. The accessories used traditional Chinese red and Chinese blue. Chinese red symbolizes joy and peace and represents the most pure Chinese beauty.  Chinese blue symbolizes life and growth and world-wide vision. Men's indigo blue is deep and solemn, while women's lake blue is quiet and elegant.

The innovative design of the traditional patterns, such as the sea ridge decorative pattern, makes it easier to convey the beautiful meaning of the 21 economies' mutual dependence and mutual help.

In terms of process, all products went through a hundred processes and precise work to achieve perfection. Cashmere jacquard scarf for male leaders: Using cashmere worsted technology, it is delicate and clean, skin-friendly and soft; it is 60cm wide and 190cm long. It is more suitable for men to wrap their neck gently. Cashmere jacquard shawl for female leaders: Using cashmere rough spinning process, it is soft, thick and full; it is 70cm wide and 180cm long, suitable for ladies to wrap gracefully.