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About Cashmere Industry

The garment business sector with cashmere textiles as the leader is the cornerstone of Erdos Group's business. Erdos Cashmere Group was officially put into operation in 1981. Through 40 years of continuous profitability and continuous development, it has developed into a leading enterprise of the cashmere textile industry with the largest production and sales scale, the most complete industrial system, sound marketing network, advanced technology and equipment, outstanding brand advantages and the most advanced technological level in the world.

In 2016, Erdos Cashmere Group launched the brand reshaping and upgrading strategy, forming a clear and focused strategic development combination of the four brands of the Ordos brand family, with more precise and differentiated services for different consumer groups. They are the top cashmere brand “1436”, the fashionable internationalized “ERDOS” for emerging middle-class, the specialized “Ordos 1980” for mature quality consumers, and the “BLUE ERDOS” for urban young consumerss, among which “1436” was selected as the national gift of China in 2008 and was selected as the exclusive accessory brand of the APEC Summit in Beijing in 2014.

As an iconic brand in the industry, the Erdos brand value reached 1005.98 billion yuan in 2019.

The Group’s research base, the National Cashmere Products Engineering Technology Research Center, is a national-level enterprise technology center and the only Chinese enterprise member of CCMI (International Cashmere Manufacturers Association), one of the most influential organizations in the international cashmere industry. Since its establishment, the Engineering Center has completed more than 270 scientific research projects including key, common and cutting-edge technology research, engineering technology transformation and promotion, which include 4 national science and technology support plans, 11 national key new products, and 5 National Torch Plan items. It has presided over the formulation of 1 IWTO international standard, 2 ISO international standards, 17 national and industry standards, and 39 enterprise standards and applied for 262 national patents.

Relying on the strong Erdos brand resources and the scientific research advantages of the National Cashmere Products Engineering Research Center, Erdos Cashmere Group continues to cultivate in technology research and development and brand management. The products range from knitting to weaving, from woolen spinning to worsted, with a wide range of products. The main production capacity of the products is: 2000 tons of combing without cashmere, 2500 tons of cashmere dyeing, 2000 tons of spinning, 7 million pieces of cashmere sweaters, 1.5 million pieces of cashmere clothing (scarf shawl), 1 million meters of fabric, 100,000 pieces of cashmere coats as well as nearly 10 million pieces of men’s clothing, women’s clothing and non-velvet clothing products.