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Coal Power Industry

The coal power industry is the basic industry for the Group to build a highly circular economy industrial chain.

The coal industry has two companies, coal washing and sales, coal coking, and five pairs of mining areas. The coal resources are mainly distributed in Zhuozishan mining area in the Qipanjing Town. The geological reserves are 450 million tons. It is a rare high-quality coking coal in China; 4 new production lines of 1.2 million tons of heavy medium coal preparation have been completed, and new varieties of fine coal with low ash, low sulfur, chemical clean coal, high ash, low sulfur and super high sulfur have been successfully developed. Currently, there are 11 types of clean coal.

The coal industry is committed to building “intrinsically safe enterprise” and “intensive and efficient green coal enterprise”, continuously promoting standardization construction and upgrading, perfecting safety production organization, and sound safety monitoring and control system. The five pairs of mines are all rated as “first–level safety and quality standardization mine” by the autonomous region; the company pays attention to the effective management of environmental protection in the grassland and goaf areas of the mining area, and builds more than 2 million square meters of goaf into a large-scale farming and animal husbandry base integrating planting, nursery and breeding. Each year, more than 800,000 kilograms of fruits and vegetables are transported to the employees of the park free of charge, realizing the comprehensive utilization of resources and the greening and beautification of the environment.