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Strategic Leap Period (2003-2013)

2003,Erdos Power Metallurgy Company invested by the Group was founded. The coal electricity -metallurgy chain and chemical chain started itsconstructionin Qipanjing Industrial Park.

2006,Japan Mitsui, as a strategic partner, was introduced to the Power Metallurgy Company.

Erdos brand was overwhelmingly elected as Chinese iconic brand in Chinas cashmere industry.

2008,Erdos Power Metallurgy Co, Ltd was
identified as the circular economy demonstration enterprises in Autonomous Region.

2010,Inner Mongolia Erdos Electric Power Metallurgy Co, Ltd was awarded as the first batch of pilot enterprises of national resource-saving and environment-friendly by the State Ministry of Information and Industry.

2012,Erdos Cashmere Group became the first and only member company to join CCMI.

2013,The IWTO drafting standard test method measurement of performance ball plush knitted fabric from pilling box methodology, mainly drafted by Erdos Cashmere Group, was approved in the 82nd IWTO (International Wool Textile Organization) annual meeting and became formal IWTO standards.