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Founding Period (1979-1993)

1979,The cashmere processing projects was settled in Yikezhao County to import Japanese technology and equipment.

1980,As affiliate to the Yi County Textile Industrial Company, Yi County Cashmere Sweater Factory was established.

1981,Yi County Cashmere Sweater Factory was officially put into operation with the annual production capacity of 500 tons of dehaired cashmere, 200 tons of cashmere yarn, and 300,000 pieces of cashmere sweaters.

1988,Yi County Cashmere Sweater Factory started to independently source and procure raw materials. In the same year, it won the import and export right of raw materials. It established the company’s industrial system from raw material production to sales.

1989,Yi County Cashmere Sweater Factory separated from Yi County Textile Industrial Company and named Erdos Cashmere Sweater Factory. Its independent management promoted the rapid development of the enterprise.

1991,Inner Mongolia Dongsheng Cashmere Industrial Development Corporation was founded with Erdos Cashmere Sweater Factory as its parent plant.

1993,The company officially changed its name to Erdos Cashmere Group Company with 22 member enterprises.